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Unit Code: 3330 - Unit Type: 4 - School

  • Public Hearing Date: 09-14-2023 7:00 PM
  • Adoption Meeting Date: 10-05-2023 7:00 PM

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Notice #1 8/30/2023 12:18:52 PM PUBLISHED

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48532024Adopted 2024 Capital Expenditure PlanAdopted 2024 Capital Expenditure PlanCapital Expenditure Plan9/21/2023 7:59:07 AMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
48522024Adopted 2024 Bus Replacement PlanAdopted 2024 Bus Replacement PlanBus Replacement Plan9/21/2023 7:58:26 AMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
44952024Proposed 2024-2026 Cap. Project Plan3 Year Capital Projects Plan PCSC 2024-2026Capital Expenditure Plan8/15/2023 4:38:40 PMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
44942024Proposed 2024-2028 Bus Replacement PCSCFive Year Bus Replacement PlanBus Replacement Plan8/15/2023 4:36:09 PMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
48512023Adopted 2023 Amended Bus Rep. PlanAdopted 2023 Bus Replacement Plan AmendedBus Replacement Plan9/21/2023 7:57:26 AMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
452320232023 Bus Replacement Plan Amended2023 Bus Replacement Plan Amended 09.14.23Bus Replacement Plan8/17/2023 4:33:40 PMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
40202023Proposed 2023-2027 Bus Replacement PlanProposed Bus Replacement Plan for PCSC 2023-2027Bus Replacement Plan8/30/2022 4:53:21 PMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
40192023Proposed 2023-2025 Capital Projects PlanProposed Capital Projects Plan for PCSC 2023-2025Capital Expenditure Plan8/30/2022 4:52:07 PMmshayotovich@plainfield.k12.in.us
37422022Adopted 2022 Bus Replacement PlanThis is the 5-year bus replacement plan for 2022 - 2026 that has been adopted by our school corporation.Bus Replacement Plan10/6/2021 10:47:54 AMjwolfe@plainfield.k12.in.us
37412022Adopted 2022 - 2024 Capital Projects PlanThis is the 3-year capital projects plan that has been adopted by the school corporation.Capital Expenditure Plan10/6/2021 10:46:54 AMjwolfe@plainfield.k12.in.us

PLAINFIELD COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION has property tax levy authority in the following districts:

Tax Districts
011 - Guilford Township
012 - Town Of Plainfield