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Notice for 2019 Fiscal Year Schools Please note that some schools budget on a fiscal year calendar. Public hearing and adoption meeting information for those schools, along with budget and levy estimates, may be found under the Fiscal Schools tab, or at this location.

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Taxpayers are advised to check back within 7 days of the public hearing to see if the unit of government has made any revisions to the initial advertisement.

Taxing Unit2018 Certified Levy2019 Proposed Budget2019 Proposed LevyPublic HearingAdoption MeetingBudget Notice
0000 - St. Joseph County$58,571,294$144,489,042$60,557,8299/11/201810/9/20188/31/2018 Alert Me
0001 - Centre Township$0$2,019,298$1,054,8208/28/20189/11/20188/7/2018 Alert Me
0002 - Clay Township$7,995,338$10,230,387$9,049,8928/30/20189/20/20188/20/2018 Alert Me
0003 - German Township$58,625$292,531$69,8648/14/20188/28/20188/1/2018 Alert Me
0004 - Greene Township$226,663$483,050$233,8009/18/201810/2/20187/26/2018 Alert Me
0005 - Harris Township$108,681$756,000$114,4308/28/20189/18/20188/2/2018 Alert Me
0006 - Liberty Township$360,353$430,961$377,4178/28/20181/1/20008/9/2018 Alert Me
0007 - Lincoln Township$77,360$112,350$80,0259/5/20189/19/20188/20/2018 Alert Me
0008 - Madison Township$132,377$262,950$168,6859/6/20189/20/20188/21/2018 Alert Me
0009 - Olive Township$332,251$907,430$694,3049/27/201810/8/20189/12/2018 Alert Me
0010 - Penn Township$2,850,961$3,629,516$3,119,8759/17/201810/1/20188/31/2018 Alert Me
0011 - Portage Township$2,292,590$822,892$939,7018/28/20189/11/20188/9/2018 Alert Me
0012 - Union Township$321,427$1,108,970$558,2889/11/201810/9/20188/28/2018 Alert Me
0013 - Warren Township$1,049,944$1,882,000$1,083,2298/14/20189/17/20187/29/2018 Alert Me
0103 - South Bend Civil City$85,426,389$338,189,709$89,192,2249/24/201810/8/20189/13/2018 Alert Me
0117 - Mishawaka Civil City$28,907,105$55,749,918$34,989,81610/8/201810/22/20189/28/2018 Alert Me
0861 - Indian Village Civil Town$0$35,795$010/10/201810/22/20189/25/2018 Alert Me
0862 - Lakeville Civil Town$205,046$603,580$212,1039/10/201810/1/20188/20/2018 Alert Me
0863 - New Carlisle Civil Town$1,661,864$3,657,592$1,866,00010/9/201810/23/20189/28/2018 Alert Me
0864 - North Liberty Civil Town$551,931$1,003,856$686,6449/10/201810/15/20188/29/2018 Alert Me
0865 - Osceola Civil Town$309,785$825,857$319,1669/4/201810/2/20188/23/2018 Alert Me
0866 - Roseland Civil Town$311,145$847,800$410,0839/13/201810/11/20188/29/2018 Alert Me
0867 - Walkerton Civil Town$1,523,878$2,748,771$1,728,6009/17/201810/1/20189/6/2018 Alert Me
4805 - New Prairie United School Corporation$10,816,536$33,428,425$13,252,8058/27/20189/24/20188/16/2018 Alert Me
7150 - John Glenn School Corporation$4,010,805$18,140,292$4,806,88110/2/201810/16/20189/18/2018 Alert Me
7175 - Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation$23,950,064$104,150,454$28,653,8129/17/201810/15/20189/6/2018 Alert Me
7200 - Mishawaka City School Corporation$11,705,635$50,437,604$11,942,16510/9/201810/23/20189/26/2018 Alert Me
7205 - South Bend Community School Corporation$51,647,742$199,739,927$61,561,41610/8/201810/22/20189/28/2018 Alert Me
7215 - Union-North United School Corporation$2,135,366$16,612,801$3,533,76010/10/201810/24/20189/28/2018 Alert Me
0203 - Mishawaka Public Library$5,201,287$6,197,308$5,381,5959/20/201810/18/20188/17/2018 Alert Me
0204 - New Carlisle Public Library$1,220,622$1,466,728$1,236,0159/18/201810/16/20188/28/2018 Alert Me
0205 - Walkerton Public Library$205,490$334,533$208,8489/17/201810/1/20189/6/2018 Alert Me
0206 - St. Joseph County Public Library$15,569,654$22,995,774$16,743,4719/24/201810/22/20189/6/2018 Alert Me
0866 - St. Joseph Airport$4,705,713$26,364,478$5,302,4009/11/201810/9/20188/31/2018 Alert Me
0867 - South Bend Public Transportation$4,478,143$11,808,866$4,648,0009/24/201810/8/20189/13/2018 Alert Me
0988 - South Bend Redevelopment Commission$428,166------------Not Submitted Alert Me
1008 - St. Joseph Solid Waste Management$0$3,626,455$09/11/201810/9/20188/31/2018 Alert Me

A list of units with corrected Budget Notice submissions can be viewed at this link. The Budget Notices found on this site reflect the most up-to-date submissions from Taxing Units. Levy corrections pursuant to IC 6-1.1-17-16(i) can be found at this link.